At Out Of Office Coffee, where we get our coffee beans from is rather important to us.  We often get asked if we roast the beans ourselves but we think it is important to work to our strengths and therefore we focus on hospitality and rely on proper experts with unique skills to partner with.  That’s why we work with Colonna.


We work with a small selection of suppliers to ensure we provide top quality cakes, biscuits, slices and breads baked fresh daily and delivered directly to us. Where possible, we always try and use local producers.


Cocoa Runners are the purveyors of the finest chocolate in the world, scouting out top-notch producers from around the globe, and bringing the very best selection to us.

Brew Tea

What we like about Brew Tea (aside from their amazing teas!) is how down to earth everyone is despite the fact they’re clearly expanding fast. With job titles such as ‘Drinker Awesomeness Liaison Officer’ they are just crazy enough for us to know they genuinely love what they do.